Competence in
Clinical Research

Clinical Trial Centre Magdeburg

The Clinical Trail Centre of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OvGU) was  admitted as a new associated member auf the Network of the Coordinating Centers for Clinical Trials (KKS-Network) in July 2015 during the 20th general assembly. That augurs a professional infrastructure to support clinical research on site. 


Since May 2013 the CTC Magdeburg is an active member of the working group „Sponsor“, an expert group, that is open even for interested academic parties that a no members of the KKS-Network. Founded in 2011 as a quality guarding unit of the faculty, the CTC Magdeburg established a quality management system to implement standards for all research projects launched at the University. 

The Quality Management System is devided into quality control (obligatory pre-consulting, project management, SAE management and monitoring) and quality assurance (SOP-preparation, internal audits). Under conduct of Phd. Antje Wiede the CTC Magdeburg moreover is consulting every kind of clinical research, ready to advice and offer expert services, the special projects needs to be successful. 

For its mission the CTC Magdeburg cooperates closely with other institutions on site, f.e. data management and biometry is offered with the expertise of the Institute for Biometry and medical informatics. A further task within the frame of quality assurance are trainings of study personnal of the OvGU and external interested parties.

When entered the KKS-Network Phd Antje Wiede explained: „To be a part of the KKS-Network let us expand our competences. Especially in the field of IITs it is a give and take of knowledge and an exchange of know-how between academic specialists for clinical trials, we are participating as an active member. Furthermore, we like to help form that processes to improve conditions for academic research while working in that expertise dialogue within the KKS-Network.