Qualification with

Training in the KKS Network

Clinical research requires a high level of qualification.

For this reason, education, and further training in the field of planning and conducting clinical studies is of great importance to KKS Network. From its early beginning the network has developed curricula for training courses and continues the adaptation of these binding curricula.

KKS Network also supports academically oriented careers by advertising vacancies in the field of clinical research.   


eLearning courses

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of our network members' classroom courses will not take place until further notice. However, clinical studies must continue to be conducted and study personnel qualified in order to ensure the safety of study participants, even in these difficult circumstances. The Arbeitskreis der Medizinischen Ethikkomissionen (German association of medical ethics committees) has therefore recommended the temporary recognition of pure eLearning courses.

Classroom training courses

The individual KKSN member institutions train study personnel in specific aspects of clinical research. A broad range of further education courses, specialist training programmes, and workshops covering specific topics are offered to physicians, study personnel, and clinical researchers. All training courses follow standardised curricula and are subsequently evaluated. Participants receive a certificate of completion.
The courses can be also booked by non-members. If you require special courses, please contact the location of your choice directly.

(Post-graduate) training

Master’s degree programs in close co-operation with members of the KKS Network provide additional qualification and further training opportunities. Experts from individual centres and additional lecturers from the university environment are involved in these courses.