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Patient-oriented clinical research

Research on people for the people is possibly the most sensitive field of science.

Without patient-oriented clinical research, there are no innovative drugs or new therapeutic principles. Clinical studies are important instruments and projects for the utilization of research findings for patient care.

Competence and expert knowledge, especially with respect to study participants is required here: Requirements, that make clinical research so complex and laborious. An international binding set of rules and national laws for clinical studies ensure that study participants are treated particularly carefully and individually.


Aspects of clinical studies or trials

As a partner in clinical research, members of the KKS Network provide tailored study support for physicians in hospitals as well as for external companies and organizations, locally at the universities, medical faculties or university hospitals. Here it is also clarified which funding programs can be useful for financing a study – just one advisory service among many.

Because of the high responsibility for the patients, clinical studies are subject to specific regulatory obligations. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), that were developed by experts of the KKS Network for patient-oriented clinical research, describe how the single activities are organized and handled. 

Results of clinical studies need to be accessible also for future research questions, therefore these must be reported in clinical trial registries.

Additional helpful tools like the MedDRA Coding Tool or are also available for the conduct of clinical studies.

Furthermore, comprehensive medical consultations, including information about the goal and process of a clinical study and possible benefits for the study participant, must be provided to patients to increase their interest  in participating in a clinical trial.