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The KKS Düsseldorf

The KKS Düsseldorf was one of the founding members of the KKS Network. Today, the KKS is a central unit of the Medical Faculty at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU).

The Coordinating Centre for Clinical Trials Düsseldorf

The KKS Düsseldorf was initiated by the section ‘Theoretical Surgery’ in 1999 and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research until 2005. From the start, Professor Dr. rer. nat. Christian Ohmann has been the Scientific Director of the KKS Düsseldorf, which has currently 20 members of staff.

Logo KKS Düsseldorf

Today, the KKS Düsseldorf is financed by the Medical Faculty as well as by external funds received for services provided for clinical research projects; such funding consists of public third-party funding and funds from industrial sources. On behalf of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, the KKS acts as a sponsor of trials with medicinal products, trials with medical devices as well as of publicly funded trials (for instance, funded by the German Research Foundation or the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research). The KKS Düsseldorf provides expertise in data management, in care-related clinical trials, in trials on health services research as well as in biometric evidence synthesis.

The scientific services of the KKS Düsseldorf are mainly required for investigator-initiated trials (80%) but also for pivotal clinical trials (20%). The KKS Düsseldorf approximately supports 30 clinical trials per year, and most projects are conducted with investigators based in Düsseldorf (70%).

Well connected: Expertise in data management

The team of the KKS Düsseldorf

The team of the KKS Düsseldorf

The KKS Düsseldorf is a strong partner of the KKS Network with regard to data management. By evaluating and validating study software, the KKS Düsseldorf played a key role in establishing a professional information technology infrastructure for the KKS Network. Supported by the platform ‘Technology, Methods, and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research’ (Telematikplattform e.V. ― TMF), the KKS has already conducted various IT-projects. In addition, the KKS Düsseldorf participates in several IT-projects funded by the European Union (Transform, EHR4LR, P-Medicine) and is responsible for the coordination of the work group ‘Data Management’ of the EU-funded project European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN).

Interconnection in health services research

One focus of the KKS Düsseldorf is the support of care-related clinical trials and projects of health services research. As the Scientific Director of the KKS Düsseldorf, Professor Christian Ohman is involved in the coordination of the network ‘Health Services Research’ at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and a board member of the German Network for Health Services Research (Deutsches Netzwerk für Versorgungsforschung e.V. ― DNVF). In June 2008, the KKS Düsseldorf became also responsible for the ‘Surveillance Unit for Rare Paediatric Disorders in Germany’ (Erhebungseinheit für Seltene Pädiatrische Erkrankungen in Deutschland ― ESPED).

Competence in training programmes and in the teaching of students

In cooperation with the University of Düsseldorf, the KKS conveys its expertise in numerous training programmes and courses that are certified according to GCP requirements. More than 1000 participants have benefited so far from the job-specific training programmes provided by the KKS. Moreover, the KKS Düsseldorf aims at raising awareness about the implementation of clinical trials already at undergraduate level, for example, by offering a compulsory optional course ‘Clinical Trials’ or by giving students the opportunity to participate in the compulsory, cross-disciplinary course ‘Epidemiology, Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics’.

ECRIN: Committed to multinational research

The KKS Düsseldorf is also committed to promoting clinical research at European level: The KKS is closely associated with the establishment and further development of the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN). Professor Ohmann has been the German representative of the KKS Network since the foundation of this EU-funded network in 2004. As the chairman of the international network committee, Professor Ohmann is actively involved in the management of the entire project. Furthermore, a new focus has resulted from this work: The support of multinational clinical trials.


KKS Düsseldorf

Medizinische Fakultät
Moorenstrasse 5
40225 Düsseldorf

Phone: 0211 81 19701
Fax: 0211 81 19702


about the KKS Düsseldorf

  • Director
    Jürgen Grebe, MD
  • Foundation
    1999 by the sector Theoretical Surgery
  • Funding
    German Federal Ministry of Education and Research from 1999 to 2005
  • Member of the KKS-Network
    Since 1999, founding member
  • Staff development
    5 members of staff in 1999
    15 members of staff in 2011
  • Current clinical trials
    30 clinical trials, of which 70% are IITs
  • Main focus
    Oncology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, surgery and diabetes
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